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Our Representatives - Our Partner in Progress!!!!

Hesitation, when one is confronted with a great business idea, is without a doubt, the single largest obstacle to wealth. it is only through dynamic action and financial risk that great fortunes are amassed and multiplied
J.P.Morgan 1902

Fill the online form and be our partner in Progress. Apply to be our agent in business.

We offer two kinds of representations:

1. Standard Representation
2. Franchisee

Standard Representation:

You fill in our application form with all necessary documentation, we shall evaluate your form , see if we have representatives in that region, If yes, performance of the previous representative and all that needed , so that we can have a good working relation.

1. We don’t appoint too many agents in for a region to avoid confusions and also to see that our representatives get good Business.

2. You will not be given all the institutions to represent, only one or two depending on the specialization, subjects offered and so on.

3. IF your performance is not good we might appoint another representative for the same region.

4. No upfront payments required.

Franchisee :

When you franchisee us, it means you franchise all our programs, represent all our universities and work only for universities in our portfolio.

Two Kinds of Franchisee

1. Area franchisee
2. Master franchisee

Area franchisee

You are allowed to work only for a particular region that you have taken the franchisee for, u have a defined boundary.

Master Franchisee

Can be for a particular state/Province or for the whole Country.

You will be the sole person for the area appointed.

  • All the institutions and programs of IEC shall be represented by you and no other organisation shall represent the programs.
  • IF your performance is not good, we give you suggestions to improve, and strategies for improvement.
  • Upfront payment shall be taken depending on the kind of franchisee opted for.
  • Will conduct educational fairs, seminars for the universities represented
  • Shall get the university officials and authorities to do presentations and educational seminars and to conduct on the spot admissions and to take other promotional activities like Road Shows etc.













































































































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